Multifidelity Memory System Simulation in SST

Published in International Symposium on Memory Systems, 2023

Recommended citation: Patrick Lavin, Jeffrey Young, Richard Vuduc.(2023) "Multifidelity Memory System Simulation in SST." MEMSYS.

As computer systems grow larger and more complex, it takes more time to simulate their behavior in detail. Researchers interested in simulating large-scale systems must choose between less-accurate high-level models or simulating smaller portions of their benchmark suite, both of which are highly manual, offline approaches that require time-consuming analysis by experts. Multifidelity simulation aims to lessen this burden by automatically adapting the fidelity of a simulation to the complexity of the behavior occurring at any given point in time. We show how a multifidelity memory system model can be used to accelerate single node simulation by up to 2x with 1-5% mean absolute percent error in the simulated instructions per cycle across benchmark suites.